About Zorro Pecans

    We are proud to be a minority-owned and operated business.

Robert Sanchez Co-Founder of Zorro Pecans

Robert Sanchez


Launching a small business is not an easy nut to crack but for Robert hard work and dedication were something he learned from his immigrant parents at an early age. Starting Zorro Pecans has been true labor of love, creativity and excitement. He can't wait to see Zorro Pecans on store shelves for customers to taste the difference of Georgia grown pecans.
Zorro Pecans Founders

Shelly Jones Co Founder of Zorro Pecans

Shelly Jones


A lifelong native of South Georgia, wife and mother, Shelly's love for pecans and her family's dedication to growing them, are what led her and co-founder Robert to launch Zorro Pecans. She is excited for others to see why Georgia's pecans, specifically those from southwest Georgia, reign supreme.

" The best nuts I've ever had! "
Michael Boaz
" My husband and I take turns hiding the bag from each other... "
Billy Williams
" I always keep a bag handy for snacking. "
Jim Beam
" I just love 'em!!! "
Sara Bonham