Ready, Set, Grow!

Our little corner of South Georgia is home to more than 3 million pecan trees, where the soil and climate grow the best pecans in the world.  After decades of farming, Zorro Pecans was launched with the goal of sharing our region’s agricultural bounty with the rest of the country.

Since introducing our snack bags to areas outside of the South, we often get asked about where pecans come from…a tree, the ground? Where all do they grow? How do you harvest them? So, we thought we’d take this chance to show everyone how the mighty pecan comes to fruition. As we track the progress of this healthy nut, we’ll show you what a year in the life of a pecan farm looks like.  Beginning with a little seedling from the pecan nursery, you’ll see how we plant new groves, care for new and old pecan trees, harvest our pecan crop, and finally get them into your hands.  Agriculture is an interesting challenge… no task is too small to document, no machine too big to follow.  A day on the farm is a great lesson in recognizing what it takes to bring nourishing, healthy, American grown food to our tables.

Follow us as we document the #PecanProcess2023 on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Something about pecans you’ve always wanted to see? Let us know and we’ll do what we can to answer! And if you ever just wonder, “What’s that nut up to now?,” we’ll be here with an update.

To stay in the loop of our Zorro Pecans and farm updates, join us in the Fox Den!

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